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Share the love. That’s what I believe in.

Every artist creates because they believe in their project and invest a part of their being in their work. In markets that are saturated with other artist, equally as passionate and talented, being recognized is difficult. One of the hardest parts of creating is marketing that creation.

All creators are in the same boat. Published authors resent self-published authors for flooding the market with products. Self-published authors envy published authors for having backing and a foot in the door. Both sides are equal in the fact that if they can’t gather a following and generate buzz for their product, success is nominal.

There are bad books that are going viral. There are excellent books that may never be read by more than the author who wrote it. I love the journey all authors go through – published or not. That’s why I’m creating the Top-Shelf Booklist. I want to take a minute to shine a spotlight on other indie artists (not just books).

Each month I will feature another author (artist or musician) in a blog that tells their story, links to their media channels, and promotes their products. This blog post will then be promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are interested in being featured in Top-Shelf Booklist, please email the following to

  • Name and title of your project(s)
  • Website and social media channel links
  • Links to purchase your product(s) online
  • Information you want featured about your work
  • A little intro about yourself
  • Upcoming project information
  • Links to reviews or articles you would like shared about you or your work

Who do I do this? Contrary to this syndical, out-for-self culture we live in, I care. I live the principal for do for others as you wish people would do for you. I’m paying it forward.

Share your story with me; I’ll share it with the world:

Simple as that? Yes. Kindness exists.