Stand with Standing Rock – How You Can Help

There are many things you can do to support the #NoDAPL and #StandingRock movement even if you can’t make it to the front lines. I’m collected as many sources as possible from what is being shared on social to try to get as many sources in one location. If I’ve missed any reliable sources, please […]

REVIEW: Brotherhood of Assault (Unwritten #2) by Janey

Independent Review found at: Brotherhood of Assault picks up where Serpent of Time left off. Whini and Sionn have finally gathered the five humans that are to be part of the Serpent of Time group. Now, it’s time to convince Angellee, Ambar, Emmon, Malakh, and Kashina that they are not murderers. The group has […]

Independent Review: Unwritten: Serpent of Time by Janey

Serpent of Time (Unwritten #1) – Shelton Fox Posted on November 16, 2015 by Janey Serpent of Time by Shelton Fox Publisher: CreateSpace Publication Date: January 2014 SYNOPSIS: Events have been set in motion that are changing the fate of the world. An ancient order, the Serpent of Time, is calling up the force needed […]

Top-Shelf Booklist: Justin Cristelli – The Real Manos

Justin Cristelli describes himself as a independent writer and creator.  I call him a creative power house with the superhuman determination of his comic book character The Red Knight. A lifetime of talent and creativity has channeled in to many successful endeavors for Cristelli. He is an artist on-the-rise: Creator of The Red Knight comic series: […]

Be Featured on Top-Shelf Booklist

Share the love. That’s what I believe in. Every artist creates because they believe in their project and invest a part of their being in their work. In markets that are saturated with other artist, equally as passionate and talented, being recognized is difficult. One of the hardest parts of creating is marketing that creation. […]

Congratulations to the Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our #UnwrittenWin winners that were sent rare signed early edition copies of Unwritten: Serpent of Time and Unwritten: Brotherhood of Assault. Gary Lyon was the Facebook winner. Ibrahim Oga @ibtouchdown was the Twitter winner. Thank you to everyone who entered and interacted in the contest on Facebook and Twitter.

The Great Bear – Iilediiaweh’s Tribal Origins

This except from Unwritten: Sacrifice of Saol (coming in 2016) tells Wihni‘s tribes story about the people’s origins.  My name is Johonan iiy Khanati Inahe’de ka Nawa‘ee, the IileNeenu – eldest living Grandfather – of the Iilediiaweh Tribe. This is the story of our people. America – Turtle Island – this land has many names. We, […]

Unwritten Series Facebook and Twitter Giveaway

Shelton Fox is giving away two signed 1st Edition copies of Unwritten: Brotherhood of Assault and two signed 2nd Edition copies of Unwritten: Serpent of Time – one set on Twitter and one set on Facebook. It’s easy to enter! Twitter:  FOLLOW @Shelton_Fox at:  2. Tweet #UnwrittenWin to @Shelton_Fox to by midnight on October 11th to […]