Other Characters

Note: In Iilediiaweh, iiy means “child of” and precedes the father’s name. Ka means
“married into” and precedes the wife’s clan. Om precedes the ceremonial name given by
the grandparent.

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Aisha: \eye-shah\ Sometimes called Aisha Kandisha. Identified as a type of succubus native to the African and East Asian deserts.

Aknaju: \ahk-nah-joo\ Medicine woman and healer of the Iilediiaweh.

Ambar: \Am-bahr\ Personal assistant to Angellee. Full name: Ambar Matham.

Angellee: \an-gel-lE\ Actress and employer to Kashina and Ambar. Full name: Angellee Levy.

Arundi: \ah-roon-dih\ Full Name: Arundiya iiy Nawa’ee. \ah-roon-dih-yah\ Wihni’s mother. Married to Wane. Her clan is Nawa’ee.

Asha: \ah-shah\ Full Name: Asha Kumal. Special Forces Officer at the Stratum Five Bureau of Law Enforcement.

Ayalooqie: \A-yah-eyeO-okey\ Wihni’s ancient Grandmother depicted in a pictograph that Sionn referred to as the “Saggy-Chested Moon Mum.”


Cahnyupe: \cA-han-yoo-peh\ Wihni’s cousin. Levalda’s youngest daughter. Mother to two sons.

Caven: \kah-ven\ The Iilediiaweh Councilman’s son. Full name: Caven iiy Kadisteno ldzweh’eloo om Ohiilwehysn. (Iron Shield) \kah-ven\iy-ey\kah-dI-shteh-nO\Idz-weh-E-loo\ohm\Oh-ihl-weh-yeh-shn\. His clan is Idzweh’eloo.

Cece: \cE-cE\ Wihni’s cousin. Situ’s and Lowelle’s daughter. Lawen’s sister. Full Name: Ceciilviiy iiy Lowelle Nawa’ee. \ce-cihl-yuh\iy-ey\lO-whEl-leh\nah-wah-E\. Shapeshifting skunk. Her clan is Nawa’ee.

Cenovia: \sen-O-vih-ah\ A type of Vampire native to Mexico, she works on behalf of the Dark Ones.

Coche: \cO-cheh\ Wihni’s 77th paternal grandmother, Wane’s 76th grandmother. Her clan is Idzweh’eloo.

Coweska: \cO-wE-shkah\ Wihni’s cousin, first born daughter of Ovalee. Mother to Sayasada.


Devweh: \deh-uh-weh\ Wihni’s cousin. Neera’s daughter. Married to an Idzweh’eloo man. Her clan is Idzweh’eloo.

Dhari: \dhah-ree\ A guardian helper of Irin’s.


Elly: \E-leye\ A man Wihni meets at the tsunami rescue.

Emilya: \E-mil-yah\ Wihni’s cousin. Levalda’s oldest daughter. Mother to Enhuska and two sons.

Emmon: \em-mon\ Musician and half-brother to Malakh. Full name: Emmon Desmond.

Enada: \E-nah-dA\ Wihni’s paternal grandmother, mother of Wane. Her clan is Idzweh’eloo. Her husband’s clan is Idzweh’eloo.

Engiki: \in-gi-ki\ Ancient from the beginning of civilization.

Enhuska: \En-hUsh-kah\ Wihni’s maternal second cousin. Daughter of Levalda and Arundi’s brother. Her clan is Nawa’ee.


Gwyneth: \gwih-neth\ Sionn’s biological mother. She is the High Lady of the old Eiosioban and leader of Yns Afallach.


Haanwi: \hA-ahn-wih\ Wihni’s 2nd paternal grandmother, Wane’s great grandmother. Her clan is Idzweh’loo grandmother.

Hancahno: \hahn-cahn-hoh\ An Iilediiaweh childmarked dead in the Pequot War. John Martin’s original identity. His can is Asoodz’que.


IileNeenu Johonan: \eye-ih-leh-neh-nU\jO-hoh-nohn\ The Iilediiaweh’s oldest grandfather. Distant grandfather to Wihni and many others. Husband to the late Minhawaanisque. His birth clan is Inhad’he. His married clan is Nawa’ee.

Ioshe: \eye-O-shE\ Wihni’s 47th maternal grandmother, Arundi’s 46th grandmother. Her clan is Nawa’ee.

Irin: \ih-rihn\ A Guardian of Time assigned to Wihni and Sionn.

Iza: \ih-zah\ Wihni’s 77th maternal grandmother, Arundi’s 76th grandmother. Her clan is Nawa‘ee.

Izak: \iy-sәk\ Full Name: Izakam iiy Lunello Inahe’de.
\iy-sәk-am\iy-ey\lew-ehl-lO\ihna-hE-deh\ Younger brother to Kantin. Iilediiaweh shape shifting cougar. His birth clan is the Inahe’de.


Jeks: \jEks\ Iilediiaweh shape shifting mustang. Member of Wihni’s Iilediiaweh Special Operations Unit.

Jiinoom’liin: \jeye-ihn-oom\lee-in\ Grandparent named given to Kashina by IileNeenu that roughly translates to Returns Home or She Comes Home.

Jossard: \jO-sard\ Iilediiaweh man who once served as a Catholic priest in the world


Kantin: \kan-tin\ Full Name: Kantin iiy Lunello Inahe’de. \kan-tin\ iy-ey\lew-ehl-lO\ihna-hE-deh\ Older brother to Izak. Iilediiaweh shape shifting grizzly bear. His birth clan is the Inahe’de.

Kashina: \kah-shE-nah\ Personal assistant and stylist to Angellee. Full Name: Kashina Marisole Fernandez Javiar. Daughter of Matais and Katrina.Sister to Kimi.

Komi: \kO-mih\ Wihni’s 3rd maternal grandmother, Arundi’s 2nd grandmother. Her clan is Nawa’ee.

Kura: \ku-rah\ Full name: Kuraneda iiy Brynden Idzweh’eloo. \ku-rah-nE-dah\iy-ey\brI-end-E-noh\Idz-weh-E-loo\. Her clan is Idzweh’eloo.


Lawen: \lah-when\ Full Name: Lawen iiy Lowelle Nawa’ee om Naashkdo. \lah-when\iy-ey\lO-whEl-leh\nah-wah-E\ohm\nA-ashk-dO\. Wihni’s maternal cousin. Iilediiaweh shape shifting Wolverine. Nickname: Stinky Bear. His birth clan is the Nawa’ee.

Ledheyoen: \lAy-dE-yahn\ One of Sionn’s oldest Eiosioban grandmothers; stays in Spirit with him.

Lenahozhio: \lE-A-hO-zhi-hO\ Wihni’s 77th paternal grandfather, Wane’s 76th Grandfather. Husband to Coche. His clan is Idzweh’eloo.

Leobhio: \lAh-vayah\ One of the Three First Mothers of Sionn’s people; the founding Eiosioban mother; mother of Ledhyeon.

Levalda: \lE-vA-ldah\ Wihni’s aunt. Arundi’sOlder brother’s Wife. Mother to Emilya, Cahnyupe, and two sons. Grandmother to Enhuska and four other grandchildren. Her clan is Noohe’de.


Malakh:\mah-lǝk\ Rapper and half-brother to Emmon. Full name: Malakh Desmond. Malakh is pronounced like the name Malik.

Minhawaanishque: \mihn-ha-wah-nihsh-kay\ The most famous grandmother in Iilediiaweh history, known for her brave feats and courage in battle. Her clan was Nawa’ee. She married Johonan, the tribe’s IileNeenu. Her name means Strong Spring Wind.

Mu: \moo\ Full Name: Tom Mau iiy Aata Noohe’de. \tom\moo\mahw\iy-ey\A-ah-tah/nO-hE-deh\ Best friend to Izak and Wihni. Iilediiaweh shape shifting orca. Nickname: Mu, His birth clan is the Noohe’de.


Naala: \na-ah-lah\ Wihni’s 147th paternal grandmother, Wane’s 146th grandmother. Her clan is Idzweh’eloo. Her late husband was Hootsayn \hO-oht-sha-yan\ of the Idzweh’eloo.

Nahtitocha: \nah-tee-toh-kah\ The Grandparent name given to baby Minha that translates to mean “she lessens the pain”.

Neera: \nE-eh-rah\ Wihni’s aunt. Wane’s sister. Her clan is Idzweh’eloo. Mother to Devweh and one son.

Niniqia: \neye-nih-kih-ah\ Wihni’s maternal grandmother, mother of Arundi. Her clan is Nawa’ee. Her husband’s clan is Idzweh’eloo.


Oga: \O-gah\ Wihni’s 2nd maternal grandmother, Arundi’s great grandmother. Her clan is Nawa’ee.

Oona: \oo-nah\ Wihni’s good friend and distant cousin. Full name: Oona iiy Joses Siwehqi’oosi.\oo-nah\iy-ey\jO-sheh-sh\shI-weh-kih-ohshi\ Her clan is Siwehqi’oosi.

Ovalee: \O-vah-leh\ Arundi’s oldest sister, Wihni’s aunt. Mother to Coweshka, Tashique, and one son. Her clan is Nawa’ee.


Pte: \pheh-t’he\ Iilediiaweh shape shifting fox. Member if Wihni’s Iilediiaweh Special Operations Unit.


Sayasada: \sah-yah-sah-dah\ Coweshka’s first born daughter, 2nd cousin to Wihni. Her clan is Nawa’ee. Her name means Little Tulip Bee.

Shaana: \shA-ah-nah\ Wihni’s cousin, firstborn daughter of Wane’s brother. Her mother’s clan is Dza’saile. Her father’s clan is Idzweh’loo. Mother to one son, wife to Di’imo \dI-ihmO\.

Sionn: \sh-own\ Full Name: Sionn Owaine Eiosioban. \sh-own\O-wayne\yO-shuh-vahn\ Sionn is pronounced like the names Sean on Shawn.

Situ: \sih-too\ Arundi’s younger sister, Wihni’s aunt. Wife to Lowelle.Mother to Cece and Lawen. Her clan is Nawa’ee.

Siyu Lakaabe: \sih-yah\lA-kA-ah-beh\Wihni’s paternal uncle who shape shifts as a mockingbird.

Skawen: \skahw-En\ Iilediiaweh shape shifting Mountain Goat. Member of Wihni’s Iilediiaweh Special Operations Unit.

Soli: \sO-lih\ Wihni’s 3rd paternal grandmother, Wane’s 2nd grandmother. Her clan is Idzweh’loo.

Sussiiiy Gaoha Nawa’ee: \soo-see\ieye-ey\gah-O-hah\nah-wah-E\Kashina’s 4th great grandmother who lived in the world outside of Iilediiaweh. Her clan was Nawa’ee.


Tashique: \tah-shih-kay\ Wihni’s cousin, second born daughter of Ovalee.

Tilitha: \tih-lih-thah\ Wihni’s 107th paternal grandmother, Wane’s 106th grandmother. Her clan is Idzweh‘loo.

Tokalla: \tO-kAl-lah\ Wihni’s oldest living Nawa’ee grandmother. She is also the Nawa’ee clan’s oldest grandmother, giving her the title, IileNawa’eeNeene. She is the first granddaughter of Johonan and Minhawaanishque.

Tsesum: \jeh-shoom\Iilediiaweh shape shifting vulture. Member of Wihni’s Iilediiaweh Special Operations Unit.

Tzitzimimeh: \tzI-tzih-mih-meh\ Iilediiaweh name for an old Aztec complex in Mexico.


Upanaya: \oo-pAn-ah-yah\ Wihni’s 147th maternal grandmother, Arundi’s 146th grandmother. Her clan is Nawa’ee.


Wane: \wah(n)-yeh\ Wihni’s father. Married to Arundi. Full Name: Wane iiy Waanso Idzweh’eloo ka Nawa’ee. \wah(n)-yeh\iy-ey\wA-ahn-sho\Idz-weh-E-loo\kah\nah-wah-E\. His birth clan is Idzweh’eloo. His married clan is Nawa’ee.

Wihni: \wi(n)-ny\ Full Name: Wihniynv (Nourishing Storm) iiy Wane Nawa’ee om Q’ieyanmiil (Good Son). \wi(n)-eye-enya\eye-ey\wah(n)-yeh\nah-wah-E\ohm\kE-yan-mihl\ Iilediiaweh shapeshifting wolf, eagle, and dolphin. Her birth clan is the Nawa’ee. Wihni is prounouced like the name Whinny.

Wikhe: \weye-kheh\ Wihni’s 107th maternal grandmother, Arundi’s 106th grandmother. Her clan is Nawa’ee.


Yakinv: \yah-kihn-uh\ Wihni’s 47th paternal grandmother, Wane’s 46th grandmother. Her clan is Idzweh’loo.