REVIEW: Brotherhood of Assault (Unwritten #2) by Janey

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Brotherhood of Assault picks up where Serpent of Time left off. Whini and Sionn have finally gathered the five humans that are to be part of the Serpent of Time group. Now, it’s time to convince Angellee, Ambar, Emmon, Malakh, and Kashina that they are not murderers. The group has to be trained intensively, and everyone has to learn to get along with each other.

Of course, they still have to find what they are looking for, and kick some evil butt as well. But it’s not as easy or straightforward as they anticipated.

I liked Serpent of Time; but I love Brotherhood of Assault. It’s a story that just keeps getting better and better; and the build up is extraordinary. Like in the first Unwritten book, the author blends different cultures together, and it’s very evident that he did his homework when it comes to the history, languages, and traditions of all the different cultures that are featured.

The plot is more serious than that of Serpent of Time, and there is more action and barely any humour as it progresses (which is good, because that’s the way it should be). The events that take place just sucked me in, and I experienced no predictable moment with this book. Of course, there are a few heart-breaking moments in the story, which just makes it more real. There is more insight to the workings of the minds of the characters, and the character development is just that: an actual development.

In all, Brotherhood of Assault is just amazing. It has the perfect blend of action, romance, annoying and sweet characters, and everything else that makes a beautiful story. If you are a fan of action and adventure with a pinch of romance, I dare you to read it! 🙂

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