Sacrifice of Saol


In Serpent of Time, the order called up the force needed to fight the gathering tide against humankind. They faced their first challenges toward embodying the heroes they need to be in Brotherhood of Assault. In Sacrifice of Saol, the group challenged with saving the world from cataclysmic destruction has to count the cost of giving their lives for a greater purpose.
Will Iilediiaya be able to whether the coming storm?

Can Wihni rejoin the Serpent of Time group to complete the mission?

How will the new baby help or hinder their work?

Can the seven merge to becoming one unit with the other five?

Is the Brotherhood of Assault the only evil or does a darker force lurk in the shadows?

What sacrifices will have to be made if the group wants to succeed?

All of that and more will be answered in the third novel in the Unwritten Series, Sacrifice of Saol.

Coming Soon.

Unwritten | Serpent of Time | Brotherhood of Assault

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