Supernatural Effects

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Aboriginal Wall: The Healer of Time has a cave wall that is decorated with rudimentary pictographs. When someone touches the wall, in their mind they see the record of the destruction of numerous civilizations since the beginning of earth by meteors, ice, floods, disease, earthquakes, and more. It serves as a record of the failed endeavors of the Serpent of Time group.


Bigfoot: Wihni’s people have a special relationship with beasts known as the Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Swamp Ape, or Yeti, that allows a successful place in nature for the large, hairy creature.

Birch Bark Basket: Small birch bark baskets are used by the Iilediiaweh to store small rolled up scrolls of information until it can be filed and stored for historical posterity.

Black Bag: Irin provides Sionn and Wihni a black bag when they arrive in the human world to begin their mission. The bag is infused with the ability to provide the pair with items they need, for example, proper identification and documentation to establish them as legal visitors to the US and in New York. The bag is designed to act upon the needs of the holders.

Brotherhood of Assault: This is the symbol of a mysterious brotherhood whose connection to the Serpent of Time mission is unknown. The brotherhood is the rebirth of an ancient order started in Sumeria as the Brotherhood of A.H.S.A.L.T. (the abbreviation for an ancient Sumerian phrase that means Road Whose Course Does Not Turn Back). They became mercenaries for hire with the creed of being the soulless to protect souls too weak to do the dirty work that had to be done. Learn more about this enigmatic symbol in Unwritten: Brotherhood of Assault.


Dance of Life: The Dance of Life is an exercise performed by Star Children to channel the flow of their power. It appears like a dance, almost like Tai Chi, but the person channels a flow of energy from the either through the body into ball of light. Every individual’s ball of light produced is different. The most skilled influence and change matter around them as they practice.

Dream/Spirit Travel: The ability to channel powerful influence over the physical plane while in spirit form or asleep. While many, even on the human plane, claim the ability to travel outside of their body for their spirit to transfers to different places, the ability to do physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work through multiple planes of existence as a spirit separated from the body is a rare gift that Wihni inherited from a Great-Great Grandfather who was from Star People of the Siberian Tundra.


Erasable Map: Lambskin map that Wihni has that is magically imbued to be reused and erasable. A magical stylus is used to mark the map until it is erased for reuse.


Fairy lights/Orbs: Any action of power, magic, or a Star Child sends energy that takes the shape of orbs of light. These orbs can be bright enough to light the night sky. Others are so faint they only show up on camera or video. Sionn’s mom calls them Fairy Lights. In Iilediiaya, they channel energy into physical orbs that serve as light. They also create orbs of energy that they will infuse with water or wind for cleaning or moving items.

Fairy/Tree Sprite/P8oweh/Sidhe: These are spirits of the forest, protective spirits, involved in growing and nurturing nature. A group of these small beings were created by Wihni’s ancient Nawa’ee grandmother to guard a South American temple containing an opal skull and a message for the Serpent of Time group. The P8oweh appear as tiny tree-like creatures with dragonfly-like wings, willow-like leaves for hair, sanded bark skin, root-like fingers and toes, and they wear leaves for clothing. They have a razor sharp bite, and their venom contains anti-clotting properties.


Great Bear: The original story of the Iilediiaweh starts with the Great Bear. He is believed to be the first earthly Father of the Iilediiaweh. Read the story of the Great Bear and Iilediiaweh’s Tribal Origins.

Guardians: There are multiple different beings that exist alongside the human plane. One type of being that Wihni refers to as the “devoted beyond death” are known as Guardians. They are the spirits of once living people or Star Children that have returned in spirit form to serve as protectors, messengers, and helpers of the living. Irin, one of the Serpent of Time members, starts the story as a Guardian.


Heartstrings: The important connections we have in our life manifest as ties that connect our love centers to the people we care about. A powerful spirit traveler can use the heartstrings between people to find individuals they have never met, but that are significant to the person they are with.

Hybrids: A term Wihni uses to describe beings that she believes are bred and created for a dark purpose. Many things we know as monsters would be considered by Iilediiaweh to be hybrids. Cenovia, the vampire they fought, is considered a hybrid. Her three sons that can transform to merge to become a dragon are hybrids. The meelilawa in Brotherhood of Assault is a hybrid. The member of the Serpent of Time, Aisha is also considered by Wihni’s standards to be a hybrid. The term and traits really have a general negative connotation; however, there is debate and laws in the general world about hybrid classification and rights.


Iilediiaweh Barrier: Boundary protecting the Iilediiaya land where it exists separate from the human plan. There are gateways for entry throughout North and South America. A few border doorways exist in places outside of the US, where agreements have been made with other Star Children. The boundary sends an alert whenever it is approached that is received by those serving in Special Forces and tribal government. The signal makes the air vibrate in reverberations that build on each other as if the air undulated like a mass of jellyfish. No one who is not Iilediiaweh can enter the boundary unless they are ushered through by someone who is Iilediiaweh. The boundaries of protection have been built since the lands existence, but have strengthened overtime, and are constantly maintained and built up.

Iilediiaweh Calendar: A box-like container that fits in the palm of Wihni’s hand. When it opens, a series of colorful dials pop up to different levels. Each layer is carved with different colorful figures that revolve in different ways at different speeds around each other – sometimes clockwise, sometimes counterclockwise. The dial allows the ability to track time on the human realm and in Iilediiaweh. It also helps measure astrological movement, distance, angles, and other complex calculations.

Iilediiaweh Crest: This is the symbol for the Iilediiaweh (meaning First People). They are the first Star Children of the American continents.

The seven colorful spokes stand for the tribe’s seven clans:

Siwehqi’oosi: Represented by the color purple, and is represented by the Taygeta star of the Pleiades.

Inahe’de: Represented by the color green and the Asterope star of the Pleiades.

Nawa’ee: Represented by the color turquoise and the Maia star of the Pleiade.

Idzweh’eloo: Represented by the color yellow and the Alcyone star of the Pleiades.

Noohe’de: Represented by the color burgundy, and is represented by the Merope star of the Pleiades.

Asoodz’que: Represented by the color royal blue, and is represented by the Electra star of the Pleiades.

Dza’saile: orange

The crest markings around the spokes signify the directions – north, south, east, west, above, below, and within – as well as the past, present, and future.

The tribe’s earthly ties are epitomized in yellow.

Red represents the blood of all living creatures. Additionally, red also stands for water, which is the blood of the earth.

The white and black mingling in the crest represent the Shadow Dance, the interplay of lightness and darkness, because one cannot exist without the other. It also exemplifies the Star Children and their counterparts.

Learn more about the land where the Iilediiaweh live.

Iilediiaweh Messages – Lighting Bug Messages: Written messages are folded and imbued with magic that transforms them into a light filled, fluttering image – almost like a small lightning bug that automatically locates the recipient with the message.

Iilediiaweh Medallion: Each member of the Iilediiaweh tribe wears a beaded medallion that features the tribal crest highlighted by the individual’s clan’s colors. The necklaces hold the power to transport the tribal member to another tribal member, even through their land’s Iilediiaya protective barrier, without any gateway. But once that power is spent, the crest blackens. Most crests have been passed down through generations, and the use of the necklaces power is reserved for emergencies because of the historical significance. Like other pieces of Iilediiaweh jewelry, it has hidden chambers and compartments that offer/provide different purposes and uses to assist in daily life.

Iilediiaweh Special Forces: Even though most tribal members have warrior skills and abilities, the Iilediiaweh have a force of elite trained soldiers that are charged with the protection and enforcing the laws of the land. The force is organized like any military organization with different ranks or shape shifting units. Wihni was the first woman to ever join the Special Forces. There is very grueling training this unit has to go through; its such specialized training it has its own name — sitadeetjtzio-dyesnaaque. She was the second in command and lead training for her unit that call themselves the Titan Twenty-Two. The unit includes Kantin, Izak, Mu, Jeks, Lawen, Pte, as well as others. They are known for adding humor to all of their activities. As Wihni says, “They always go for the laugh.”

Interactive City Map: Inside the Stratum Five Bureau Law Enforcement station, events of the area are monitored by a monochromatic, interactive map. The police grid covers levels of the city from the underground to the levels above, but not including the Iilediiaweh level that is completely separate. The map shows areas of issues around the area and signals  can be accessed to transport the officers to the scene of interest or crimes.


Jeweled Disk: The Iilediiaweh create storage devises for their records in disks made from quartz crystal and diamond. Small disks are created and stored in hidden compartments inside of tribal jewelry along with the devises needed to hold and channel light through the disks to send images of the record inside on the wall. Adjusting the disks allows the user to access different records stored inside.


Monochromatic Light Screen: Security outside of the Stratum Five Bureau Law Enforcement station, that is located in New York and services as the Star Children police force for the entire North East region, starts with a scan of the palm. Every Star Child living among the human world is registered. The scan of the palm identifies the Star Child and tracks their visit to the station. A three dimensional picture of the individual is displayed when they are identified, accompanied by a list of personal information.


Nephilim: Are mentioned in the Bible and Torah as being the offspring of the “sons of God” and “daughters of men.” The name is also believed to be used again to refer to giants that inhabited the land of Canaan. Many theories abound about the “sons of God” actually being extraterrestrials that then breed with human beings.


Opals: The signature stone of this task of the Serpent of Time is the opal. Each member of the Serpent of Time group has their own opal that has its own attributes and also holds a special message catered to aid them during their journey. Each opal can act as a conduit of power that is important in helping the humans involved channel their magical power. The opals also measure the individuals completion of each persons individual contribution to the overall assignment. Once their major involvement is achieved, their opal turns from opal to crystal.

Opal: triplet opal
Message: There are three semi-circular canals in the ear, record-keeper. It is not an accident that three is a very sacred number. There will be very important to you.

Opal: Spiral-fossilized opal
Message: You are a living ancient, the perfection of divine humanness. Remember the journey of the butterfly. Usher in the medicine of the hummingbird.

Opal: doublet
Message: Welcome, Rememberer. There are two faces to every coin, Kashina. Each has its own unique charm and purpose. Use yours well.

Opal: white
Message: Hello, Sensitive One. In less, you will find so much more.

Opal: blue-green, black
Message: Steadfast One, I see you — the real you that hides inside. Once your mind is at peace, you will be an unwavering mountain of strength.

Opal: hydroplane
Message: Nice to meet you, Overcomer. Continue thinking outside the box, and there will be no obstacle you cannot overcome.

Opal: blue-purple, black
Message: Do not fear, Sure-Footed One. Unmake your mind. Then, you will be fully capable; your feet will never leave the path, stumble or fall.

Opal: Has turned crystallized.
Message: Revealed in Unwritten: Sacrifice of Soal.

Opal: blue opal
Message: Revealed in Unwritten: Sacrifice of Soal

Opal: crystal opal
Message: Revealed in Unwritten: Sacrifice of Soal

Opal: bolder
Message: Revealed in Unwritten: Sacrifice of Soal

Opal Skull : The opalized skull was found in an ancient pyramid Wihni and Sionn discovered in the South American jungle. The opalized skull was left by Wihni’s tribal clan’s first mother, Nawa’ee. Around the skull was a message that has yet to be deciphered.

The Thirteen Skulls play a special roll in the Unwritten Series. The full role they play will be revealed in Unwritten: Brotherhood of Assault. Read more about how the skulls role in to the Unwritten Series here.


Physical Manifestation Travel: Star Children embody the power to disperse their energy to different degrees. This allows them the abilities to travel through walls, to turn invisible, and to manifest from one location to another.

Power Circle/Union Dance: A ceremonial activity used by Star Children to pull from all of the powers from heaven and earth to charge themselves with more power. The result of this activity produces phenomena in the sky that appears like Northern Lights. When Wihni preformed the Power Circle on the human plane, the channel of powers created left a crop circle in the field. When others witness the phenomena, it is common for Start Children to see faces of ancestral spirits and other physical powers appear as faces in the lights created. Creating power circles in the world are heavily regulated and only permitted in certain areas.

Pure Quartz Crystal: Given by the Healer to Time to Wihni and Sionn, this stone holds the record of their meeting that called them to action for the Serpent of Time.


Rejoinder the Vindicator: An ancient sword that can only be wielded by the High Laird of the Eiosioban. If touched by anyone who does not have that title, they experience a burning or stinging pain. It is made of the strongest steel that has been magically fortified as indestructible – one of its many qualities. It is said to have been brought to this world by Leobhio, the original Mother of their people.


Shanachie, Silver Tongue, Moulbhwy (Moulbhwy): Storyteller gift – the ability to influence people with spoke word. The most powerful can command obedience of commands, making people do what they wish without question with simple repetition of the request. A less powerful characteristic of the ability is to influence people to experience in a sensory way the emotional and sensory aspects of a story as it is told as if they were there.

Shape Shifting: Shape Shifting is an inherent quality of the Iilediiaweh people. Every Iilediiaweh tribal member has at least one animal self that they can transform into. In their mythology, this skill stems from their founding between the First Star Mother and First Star Father and the Great Bear. Life in Iilediiaya consists of using the individual animal shape shifting abilities in everyday work and existence. Though this is a very basic aspect of Iilediiaweh life, it is not a trait that carries to the other Star Children in the world. Nor is it a skill that is valued by other Star Children societies.

Shell Necklace: Given to Wihni by Engiki. It is a Paleo-Indian necklace made of carved shell beads with a double-sided shell sealed together at the end. The shell is stained with a primitive version of the Iilediiaweh Crest. Something can be heard sealed inside of the shell.

Star Children: A race of semi-immortal beings that live separate and secretive along side the human world. Each separate group of Star Children have their own history and story of their existence. Most begin from beings who live outside of Earth in the universe. They all have inherent abilities – invisibility, physical manipulation of environments and matter, the ability to pass through walls and manifest to different locations, and telepathic understanding/communication. Most have human blood their line that dilutes their abilities from the original Star People. Because of their human blood, they do not have the full force of powers of their original ancestors. That also means that different individuals have different powers that are not shared by other Star Children.

Symbol of the Serpent of Time: Ancient Order, the Serpent of Time, is calling up the force needed to fight the gathering tide against humankind. This is the sign for the willing servants of the Serpent of Time. It folds back on itself in a never-ending cycle where the past and the future flow through the present; like time, it never ends.

The symbol can be drawn to communicate with other members and call for help, to identify other members, and also transport members to key destinations.


10th Temple Under Heaven: A Temple existing in a separate dimension above New York that serves as a home for protectors and helpers of Buddhist believers and practitioners in the northeast. Wihni and Sionn take refuge there when they enter New York.

The Games – Sevishwick: Periodically the divided factions of the New Eiosioban and the Old Eiosioban get together for one day of festivities that start with an ancient game they now call The Games. The original name is Sevishwick. The object of the game is for different teams to move large Saren stone on tracks using granite balls to the alter hole. The first team to deposit their megalithic stone in the whole wins. Learn more.

Thick Mist: The protection that shields the Old Eiosioban lands, also called Yns Afallach, from the modern world. In order to enter the old lands, a person has to be welcomed, and then either be ushered into or part the border of the thick mist.

Telepathic Communication: Star Children are able to use the power of the mind in very physical ways. Their level of skill depends on their ability and determination. They are able to read thoughts and minds, to communicate telepathically, as well as read dreams and memories. They can leave thought trails planted in other people’s minds. If very powerful, they can use mind control. In addition, they also have the power shield themselves from the mental intrusion of others. To Wihni, this information is an important part of understanding people in order to help them. To Sionn, this skill should never be used, because everyone’s thoughts and memories are private and should be protected.

Tlahuelpuchi: (Called Tsalhoelpootsh in Iilediiaweh): A type of vampire native to Mexico. They are territorial and prefer to drink the blood of babies. The beings can possess humans and influence the behavior of animals. They shapeshift into the shape of an iridescent bird that radiates with the smell of sulfur. Wihni and Sionn encountered a tlahuelpuchi named Cenovia who was creating a typhoon heading for India. Wihni battled and killed Cenovia, an act that would come back to haunt her.

Tomahawk: Wihni’s main weapon is a Tomahawk. She also arms herself with her large skinning knife. Both weapons are plunged into the earth to charge with supernatural power to transform the weapon into channel supernatural power like a wand or staff where it can send magical attached like turning bullets to water.

Triscadectagon: Triskaidecagon : A thirteen sided polygon. It is a symbol often used in sacred geometry and as a representation of the sacred number 13. Wihni’s original grandmother left an ancient message about the great triscadectagon in a prophecy tied to the 13 Skulls. The true story about the great Triskaidecagon/Triscadectagon and the 13 Skulls is revealed at the end of Brotherhood of Assault.


Universal Greeting of the Star Children: The physical action that formally marks the greeting of two star children starts with the hand in front of the center of the forehead, facing the forehead, and sweeping the hand in a u-shape away from the self to then face the other person. It is often accompanied by the verbal greeting:
Ansull’air alakin
The answer is: Ansulaikom


Wihni’s Beaded Bag: A small beaded bag Wihni uses to house all of her personal belongings. The bag contains magical properties that extend the inside to expand as large as a room so that many items can be contained within it.