Top-Shelf Booklist: Justin Cristelli – The Real Manos

Justin Cristelli describes himself as a independent writer and creator.  I call him a creative power house with the superhuman determination of his comic book character The Red Knight.

A lifetime of talent and creativity has channeled in to many successful endeavors for Cristelli. He is an artist on-the-rise:

Creator of The Red Knight comic series:


Primal Comics:

Founder of Manos Publishing

YouTube sensation:

Deviant Art – Destroyer of Words

He has recently finish his first novel Divita (and the bees are already buzzing for its release):

Dominic and Lucia Divita are vampires that will do anything for their human children. The struggle to create a better life for their family began in the slums of 1960’s Rome. A vampire, Ursula Orlock offered the couple a chance at immortality. This new life takes them to the disco dance floors of New York City, but there are new dangers ahead. When the Mafia threatens to use the Church to drive them out, the Divitas make a desperate move. Dominic and Lucia must confront werewolves, witches, and soldiers of God in order to protect everything they love.

You’ll have to take my word for it — he’s also a very talented actor and performer, as well.

Justin Cristelli combines charm, wit, and intelligence in an ambitious compound with determination, innovation, and talent that is steadily building into a self-made creative empire. Many upcoming projects are brewing in Cristelli’s fire for the future, including screenplays and pitching a mini-series.

 This artist is going places! Connect to him and follow along for the ride.

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